Welcome to...

the corner

bike repair shop

...which is an independent bicycle repair business serving areas including Winchester, Twyford, Colden Common, Fair Oak, Bishopstoke and Eastleigh.


This business operates with two main focuses:

It also has the potential to expand with its customers’ needs.

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The Owner

My name is Richard Marchmont and I love bicycles. Here are a few more facts about me:


  • I prefer going uphill to downhill, as I am a scaredy-cat.

  • The quickest I have traveled on a pedal-powered machine is 52mph using a recumbent tricycle and a very long hill. 

  • While getting annoyed at the design of the modern-MTB 1x drivetrain, I have extensively researched gearbox companies and ride a Pinion-equipped, titanium Olsen-frame hardtail. I will be selling Pinion-driven bikes from the summer 2022 onwards.

  • I commuted all year round between 10-20 miles a day for eight years using the tricycle for icy, windy and snowy days so I didn't have to use a car.


Apart from servicing and modifying my own bikes during the last 25 years, I am Cytech 2 qualified. This is an industry-standard qualification, recognised worldwide.


I also believe the key providing better service to customers is to continue to learn, and in 2023 will be adding Cytech 3 modules to my repertoire. For more details follow this link to Cytech.