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The Owner

My name is Richard Marchmont and I love bicycles. Here are a few more facts about me:


  • I prefer going uphill to downhill, as I am a scaredy-cat.

  • The quickest I have traveled on a pedal-powered machine is 52mph using a recumbent tricycle and a very long hill. 

  • I own a hardtail 29er and an aluminium road bike and ride whenever I can.

  • I commuted between 10-20 miles a day, for eight years, all year round using, the tricycle for icy, windy and snowy days so I didn't have to use a car.


Apart from servicing and modifying my own bikes during the last 25 years, I am Cytech 2 qualified. This is an industry-standard qualification, recognised worldwide.


I also believe the key providing better service to customers is to continue to learn, and in 2022 will be adding Cytech 3 modules to my repertoire. For more details follow this link to Cytech.