Servicing & Repair

At the corner bike repair shop we offer a comprehensive range of bicycle service and repair options. They can be tailored to the customer's exacting preferences. Below is the full list of fixed-cost items that are available. CLICK on each service to get more info:

Any parts that need to be replaced will be an additional charge. However, they will not be ordered until AFTER a consultation with the customer. If the parts total more than £10, an up-front contribution may be asked for.


Basic Service - £65

This provides a safety check of the bike, ensuring its roadworthiness and maximising its performance. It is ideal for children's bikes or leisure bikes. It includes:

  • An full inspection of the bike with every part checked for wear and damage, adjusted and re-greased.
  • The brakes and gears checked and adjusted.
  • Wheels checked for loose spokes, trueness and minor adjustments made where necessary.


Full service - £150

This provides a full check of the bike, ensuring its roadworthiness, optimise its performance, and scrutinise everything. It includes:

  • Full bike strip down and rebuild with everything cleaned, re-greased, refitted or replaced.

  • All components checked for wear and damage.

  • Brakes and gears checked and adjusted. Any cables (inner and outer) that are required, or hydraulic brake servicing, are an additional cost.

  • Hubs, headsets and bottom brackets inspected, adjusted and lubricated as required. A full service for these parts is at additional cost.

  • Wheels checked for loose spokes, trueness and minor adjustments are made where necessary. Any replacement spokes and major adjustments are at additional cost.

  • Bike fully valeted with Rozone Smartwasher.

PDI & Bike Build - £65

If you have bought a new bike from the internet which needs assembling and a pre-delivery inspection, we can provide this too.